About Us

  • Hydrotech are a water treatment supplier based in Roscommon servicing Ireland and the UK. Our team is made up of highly skilled and experienced engineers who can design tailored water purification systems for a wide variety of clients and applications. We can provide commercial water treatment as well as home filtration solutions, no matter where your water comes from.
  • Whether you’re a company that uses well water or a homeowner relying on rainwater filters, our extensive water treatment equipment can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your premises.All of our water treatment services are long-term installations that endure clean and safe water on a constant basis.
  • If you have water problems our team can find the fix, from removing contaminates such as fluoride, iron and manganese to agricultural water treatment, there is no water issue that cannot be resolved.Our water treatment equipment is high quality, outlasting many cheaper market alternatives, whether you opt for a commercial water pump or a UV filter.

Better warranty cover and peace of mind to our customers

Guarantee customer satisfaction every time

Offer competitive and attractive packages to resolve your water problems

Provide comprehensive maintenance on all systems by highly skilled and trained technicians

Servicing packages also available at competitive prices

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