Turbidity Removal Filters

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness caused by the presence of suspended particles in the water. These particles can consist of silt, clay, organic matter, and other contaminants. Turbid water is unappealing, and its cloudiness can make it less desirable for consumption, cooking, and other household or industrial uses.

Turbid water can lead to sediment buildup in plumbing fixtures, appliances, and even well equipment, necessitating more frequent maintenance and cleaning.

Turbidity is measured in NTU . Drinking water should be less than 5 NTU but ideally less than 1 NTU.

While turbidity itself may not be a health hazard, it can be an indicator of other contaminants or microorganisms present in the water. It can compromise the overall safety of your water supply.

How to Treat Water with High Turbidity?

Water turbidity is an easy to treat problem which in most cases can be fixed using a combination of turbidity removal filters and RO systems.

Our Turbidity Removal Systems uses a unique blend of filtration media providing superior filtration through granular filter media. It outperforms conventional multimedia materials due to its unique structure, allowing particulate to penetrate deeply into the filter bed to provide superior filtration at increased flow rates.

We understand that well water quality can vary, and that’s why we offer bespoke designs tailored to your unique well conditions. These systems can be adapted to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Say goodbye to cloudy well water and the problems associated with it. Trust in our Turbidity Removal Systems to bring clarity and purity back to your well water, ensuring that it meets your high standards for quality and safety.


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