Well Treatment Grants

More than 11% of households in Ireland continue to rely on private well water supplies for their water needs (Source: Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage). In contrast to public water sources, these private wells do not undergo inspections by water testing authorities, raising concerns about the quality of the water from these sources. The onus is on the homeowners to ensure they’ve a safe water supply in their homes.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, there’s a good news.  Grants are available under the Rural Water Programme for the carrying out of improvement works to a private water supply (this means a water supply providing water intended for human consumption and domestic purposes that serves only one house).

The purpose of this scheme is to financially assist households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (individual well) for their household use to undertake improvements to their water supply.

Available Grants

The level of a grant is determined by the type of improvement works being undertaken and shall not exceed the following amounts:

a. Rehabilitation /New Well Drilling

  1. Provision of a new well – Grant aid of 85% of the costs, subject to a maximum of €5,000; or
  2. Rehabilitation works – Grant aid of 85% of the costs, subject to a maximum of €3,000,


b. Water Treatment: Grant of 100% of the costs, subject to a maximum of €1,000. Types of eligible filtration equipment: iron, manganese, bacteria removal systems. (Water softening systems will not be eligible for grants)

Grant applications can be submitted to avail:

  • Grant aid solely for rehabilitation works or drilling new well or treat works
  • Grant aid for rehabilitation plus treatment works
  • Grant aid for the provision of a new well plus treatment works


Note: Applicants cannot avail both grant amounts for well rehabilitation (€3000) plus drilling a new well (€5000).



Improvements Works Qualifying for a Water Grant

Works  qualify  for  funding under  the  grant  scheme  where  they  are  undertaken  to improve a supply of domestic water in a house and they consist of one or more of the following:

  • Installation of new water treatment equipment
  • Drilling or commissioning a new well
  • Rehabilitating an existing well, including deepening or relining an existing bore and the removal of silt
  • Providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source
  • The construction or improvement of a pumphouse, piping or other facilities in connection with the supply of water
  • The provision or improvement of mechanical or electrical equipment or facilities in connection with the supply of water
  • Sampling, analysis and certification of the water supply (pre and post the works) to verify  that  the  supply  to  the  house at  the kitchen  tap  is  compliant  with  the Regulations

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant may  be considered eligible for a grant  if the following criteria are met:

  • Your house is over 7 years old.
  • You are not connected to a public water supply or cannot be reasonably served by a public or group water supply scheme source.
  • The house is not located in an area that is or is about to be, served by Irish Water or a Group Water Scheme.
  • You have not received grant assistance for Domestic Water Supply within the last 7 years. This includes grant aid in relation to treatment works.
  • The cost of the proposed work is more than €750.
  • The house is occupied by the applicant as a normal place of residence.


Note: Normal place of residence includes long-term rentals but excludes private holiday homes and properties operated on a commercial basis such as short-term rentals, self-catering properties, mobile homes/caravans. Properties owned by local authorities, housing associations, Health Services Executive etc. are not eligible.

How to Apply for Grant?

An application for a grant under this scheme must be made to your local county council on Form PWS 1a which can be downloaded from the respective county councils website.

A detailed water test needs to be taken before and after any work is completed to ensure the proper water treatment system is installed. A prior inspection of the work needs to be carried out as well as the issuing of a certificate of approval before any work can commence.

Once the works have been completed, claims for payment should be submitted on Form PWS1b which must be accompanied with all  receipts  from  each  contractor engaged for the purpose of the improvement works. A post-inspection of the work will be carried out to check if the approved works have been satisfactorily completed and quality of water has improved.

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