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Does your water test show too much Iron in water? Are you looking for a removal of Iron from water supply?

Iron in Drinking Water

Iron is one of the most common metals found in water. Iron can be present naturally in well water, but may also be found in domestic drinking water supply because of the corrosion of the iron pipes.

Iron is mainly present in water in two forms: either the soluble ferrous Iron or the insoluble ferric Iron. Water that contains ferrous Iron is clear and not coloured. When exposed to air in the pressure tank, the water turns cloudy and reddish brown. The formed reddish brown substance that colours the water is actually the ferric form of Iron that will not dissolve in water.


What’s Iron limit in drinking water? According to the EU Drinking Water Regulations, there is a limit of 200 µg/l  (micrograms per litre) as an acceptable legal limit of Iron in drinking water. Higher level of iron in water could affect the colour, taste and smell of the water.

If your water test shows the exceeded limit of Iron in your well water or tap water, contact us! Hydrotech installs and services water filters to remove iron (and Manganese) from water.

How to Filter Iron Out of Water

There are different types of methods used to treat Iron water depending on forms of Iron, levels of Iron in water according to water test results, the chemistry of the water, the type of well and water system that is going to be treated. For example, a popular method of removal of disolved ferrous Iron is Aeration Filtration. Another very common method is using water softners. Manganese Greensand Filters, Aeration or Sediment Filters are a common treatment of reddish brown water (water that contains ferric Iron).

Iron Removal Water Treatment Systems from Hydrotech

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