Manganese Removal

Are you looking for a Manganese removal for your drinking water supply? There are thousands of households like yours seeking the same. Manganese and Iron are very common water contaminants in Ireland. In some cases, the presence of heavy metals cannot be seen with naked eyes, but can be detected with a water test. In other cases, it’s the red, brown or yellow colour of water that usually signs presence of heavy metals in water.

Manganese in Drinking Water

Similar to Iron, Manganese is a heavy metal that naturally occurs in groundwater (well water). And that’s why you can find it’s pieces in your well water supply.

It is a water contaminant that should be removed from a drinking water supply if the Manganese levels in your drinking water supply are above a specific legal limit.

In Ireland, the EU Drinking Water Regulations set a limit of 50 µg/l  (micrograms per litre) as an acceptable limit of Manganese in drinking water. Higher levels of Manganese may affect the water quality. It’s usually the water colour (black-ish) and taste that indicates presence of Manganese in water. You can also find stains on laundry and plumbing fixtures.

Exceeded levels of Manganese in drinking water may pose health risks. Pregnant women, infants and young children are more vulnerable population groups. Also, according to new scientific studies, high manganese levels in drinking water may have a harmful affect on the nervous system and brain development.

Manganese Removal Water Treatment Systems from Hydrotech

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