pH Correction Systems

pH, or “potential of hydrogen,” is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale typically ranges from 0 to 14, where low numbers being acidic, 7 being neutral and higher values being classed as alkaline.

Dealing with an unbalanced pH level in well water can lead to several challenges that impact water quality and daily life. An unbalanced pH level can result in water that is either too acidic (low pH) or too alkaline (high pH). Both extremes can affect the taste, safety, and utility of your water.

Water with low pH (acidic) can be corrosive and may dissolve the metals, leading to leaks and significant concentrations of the metals in the water itself, potentially at levels harmful to health. It may leave a blue/green ring around baths and basins, cause discolouration to washing and sometimes change colour of blonde hair to green.

Conversely, water with high pH (alkaline) can lead to scaling, causing mineral buildup on fixtures, appliances, and plumbing. Scaling can reduce water flow and affect the performance of your appliances.

Problems Caused by Acidic Water

Acidic water, which has a low pH level, can cause a variety of problems in both residential and industrial settings. Here are some common issues associated with acidic water.


Blue/Green Staining

Acidic water can cause blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures, especially those made of copper or brass. These stains are the result of the corrosion of these metals, and they can be challenging to remove.



Acidic water can corrode metal pipes and plumbing fixtures, leading to leaks, pipe damage, and the release of metals such as copper and iron into the water.


Unappealing Taste

Drinking water with a low pH can have a metallic or sour taste, which may be unappealing to consumers. This taste can affect not only drinking water but also water used in cooking and food preparation.


Skin & Hair Issues

Acidic water can be harsh on the skin and hair, potentially causing dryness, irritation, or exacerbating existing skin conditions. It can also change colour of blonde hair to green.

How to Neutralize pH of Water?

The simplest method of elevating pH is to pass the water through a filter bed of alkaline granular material. Such filters are referred to as pH correction filters or neutralizing filters. The alkaline media is usually calcium carbonate (Calcite) which dissolves slowly into the water as it passes through the filter and in turn, raising the pH of water.

If the water is alkaline, it means it’s carrying too many minerals and considered a hard water problem. In that case, a water softener is generally used that removes excessive minerals and in turn reduces the pH to neutral levels.

Depending upon the levels of pH detected in the water test, our expert team would recommend the best sized pH Correction filter to allow for enough contact time for neutralization.

As a chemical reaction takes place between the water and the media in the neutralizing filter, the media gradually gets used up over time. This means that monitoring of the filter is required and replenishment of the media needs to take place from time to time.

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Grants to Neutralize pH of Water

You can save upto €1000 on the cost of treating water from your private source. Well treatment grants are available under Rural Water Programme for carrying out of improvement works to a private water supply. If your house is more than 7 years old and you cannot be connected to a public water source, you may qualify this grant.

Over the years, Hydrotech Water Services have helped several homeowners successfully avail this grant by assisting them in application process. To know more about the well grants and to see if you qualify, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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