At Hydrotech Water Services, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with influential voices who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the transformative power of superior water treatment.

Discover firsthand how these influencers have integrated Hydrotech’s solutions into their daily lives, experiencing the unparalleled advantages of softened and purified water.

Follow along as influencers share their Hydrotech journey, and discover how you too can enhance your daily life through our advanced water treatment solutions.

Jessica Sheridan​

Jessica Sheridan

Irish lifestyle influencer and midwife Jessica Sheridan (Instagram uses a water softening & drinking water system installed by Hydrotech in her house. Having struggled with limescale issues and constantly changing shower heads, Hydrotech’s water treatment systems have been a gamechanger for her.


Kelly Fitzsimons

Having changed water filters on several occasions in her house, Kelly Fitzsimons, a Dublin-based influencer and a mum-of-two, chose Hydrotech’s 5 Stage drinking water system & water softener to improve the quality of water in her house.

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