Mobile Water Treatment Plant

Mobile water treatment is a reliable and rapid solution to maintain continuous supply of treated water to core operations. Whether you need a rapid response to an emergency breakdown or a longer-term solution, our mobile water treatment systems deliver fast, high-quality results.

Each mobile water treatment unit comes pre-built, pre-tested and pre-commissioned for easy installation. This makes the plant ready for use when supplied, which financially can be an advantage, also in relation to the reduced amount of time used for deployment.

Choose our mobile water treatment plant solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Plant commissioning
  • Planned maintenance
  • Delayed delivery of new plant equipment
  • Meet seasonal or peak water demand rates
  • Accommodate changes in raw water quality

Emergency Systems for Drinking Water Treatment

Mobile water treatment plants are an optimum and highly flexible way to treating water from open water sources such as wells & lakes and making it fit for consumption. They provide and ensure perfectly clean drinking water for permanent as well as emergency assurance of drinking water according to the strictest hygiene standards.

Our “plug & play” systems include all necessary equipment and means for the drawing of raw water, its treatment and subsequent supply with high-quality drinking water.

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Water Treatment on Wheels

Available as standard or modular systems, our mobile water treatment units are pre-engineered with ‘plug-and-play’ connections for ease of use.

  • Easy Installation

    All systems come pre-built, pre-tested and pre-commissioned for easy connection and start-up.

  • Tailored Treatment

    We’ll install the equipment and tailor the configuration to meet your exact water quality requirements.

  • Save Time

    Our solutions can be installed rapidly, ensuring a fast flow of high-quality water when you need it.

  • Buy or Rent

    Our entire range of mobile water treatment systems are available to buy outright or for hire with fixed monthly costs for easy and accurate budgeting.

Why Choose Hydrotech Water Services?

At Hydrotech, we strive to deliver best quality solutions to our clients. A wide range of businesses rely on our expertise for their organization’s water needs. We understand fast-paced manufacturing and industrial environments need to adapt quickly to fluctuating demands and water treatment systems need to support the changing requirements. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver a customized solution.

Contact us today to explore Hydrotech’s mobile water treatment plants can help your business.

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