Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Water tanks, whether in homes or business facilities, are susceptible to accumulating contaminants over time. Sediments, bacteria, and impurities gradually build up, compromising the water quality. These deposits not only compromise the quality of water but also pose health risks.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of water tanks are imperative to maintain the purity and safety of the water supply. It is recommended to get the water tanks inspected & cleaned at least once a year.

Hydrotech offers a fully comprehensive water tank cleaning & disinfection service to homeowners & businesses in Ireland. If you suspect your water quality is contaminated, reach out to our team for a free consultation.

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Domestic Attic Tank Cleaning

Neglected water tanks in residential settings, typically located in attics, can become breeding grounds for various contaminants. If your attic tank is exposed without a lid, foreign bodies such as spiders, woodlice, and flies could end up being in your tank. These unwanted creatures create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella and E.coli.

Families rely on these water sources for washing dishes, bathing, and other household needs. If these tanks are not regularly cleaned and disinfected, the water quality deteriorates, posing health risks, particularly to children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.

Our domestic tank cleaning services are designed to address these concerns effectively. Our thorough inspection identifies any potential issues, and our cleaning process eliminates sediments, insects, and bacteria, ensuring the purity and safety of your home’s water supply.

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Commercial Water Tank Cleaning

In commercial settings, water tanks are often larger and more complex, serving multiple functions, such as cooling systems or as part of the plumbing infrastructure. Neglected tanks in these environments become conducive environments for harmful bacteria like Legionella pneumophila, responsible for Legionnaires’ disease

Beyond the health risks to employees and customers, employers are obligated to ensure a safe working environment, including safe water systems (Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005). Failure to maintain clean water tanks not only compromises safety but also violates regulatory compliance, inviting potential fines and legal actions.

Our trained professionals specialize in cleaning of large sectional tanks, following stringent protocols and utilizing industry-approved methods.

Reliable Water Tank Cleaning Service Nationwide

With nearly two decades of dedicated service in the water treatment industry, our expertise extends to specialized water tank cleaning, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning processes tailored to your specific needs.

Our cleaning process is meticulous, beginning with a detailed site inspection to identify potential issues. We then proceed with draining the tanks to remove contaminated water, followed by a thorough cleaning and disinfection regimen using safe and approved chemicals. The final step involves refilling the tanks with clean, treated water, ensuring the removal of all impurities.

We prioritize delivering high-quality services to our customers ensuring water hygiene. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your water tanks are not only clean but also maintain hygiene for an extended period, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety and quality of your water supply.

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