Water Filters

  • As a general rule, the use of hard water filters can easily rectify problems such as brown or discoloured water, strong odours and bad tasting water. Brown Water is common in Ireland and although it has no health risks it causes quite an inconvenience to any householder from issues with baths to laundry problems. Brown water is caused by increasing amounts of dissolved organic carbon in the water and varies from time to time throughout the year. A number of sources can cause taste and odour in drinking water. For example, the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide gas usually produces a rotten egg smell. Other reasons can involve micro-organisms, the contamination of water from chemicals, and some water treatment systems by substances leached from water pipes.
  • Types of water filters include Iron and Manganese Aeration Filters, Reverse Osmosis Units and UV Light Filters.If you are experiencing any of the above water problems contact the experts at Hydrotech for advice on which water filter system will best suit your home or business.We believe that not every water problem can be solved with the same standard water filter or hard water softener and we provide bespoke water solutions to suit your specific requirements.
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