Ecosoft Standard 6 Stage RO System

Ecosoft Standard 6 Stage RO System doesn’t just purify water; it elevates it. It’s one of our most popular & best-selling water filtration system, and rightly so. With advanced filtration technology, you’ll experience water that’s not only pure but also remarkably refreshing, enhancing the taste of your beverages and cooking.

Combining state-of-the-art mechanical filtration with reverse osmosis technology, Ecosoft Standard 6 Stage RO eliminates chlorine, fluoride, organic matters, THMs, heavy metals, and 99.9% of other impurities and chemicals found in water.

The remineralizing filter enriches the filtered water by adding healthy minerals which otherwise would have been lost in the filtration process.

The Power of Multi Stage Filtration

Ecosoft 6 Stage RO System takes water through a meticulous journey, passing through six rigorous filtration stages, ultimately delivering crystal clear & safe drinking water.


Sediment Filter

5 micron polypropylene fiber acts as first line of defence capturing larger particles and mechanical impurities, preventing them from entering the main filtration process.


GAC filter

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds such as pesticides from the water.


Sediment Filter

1 micron polypropylene fiber catches even fine particles and sediments, ensuring no impurities pass through.


RO Membrane

The heart of the system, the 50 GPD reverse osmosis membrane, removes fluoride, heavy metals, cysts, fluoride, and other dissolved solids.


Post Carbon Filter

The Post Carbon filter polishes the water, removing any remaining odours and improves the taste.


Remineralizer Filter

Remineralizer filter enriches water with vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Fits Perfectly Under a Kitchen Sink

Ecosoft 6 Stage System is designed to fit seamlessly under most kitchen sinks making it a perfect solution for homes and businesses where space is at a premium. Tucked away neatly under a kitchen sink, it quietly works to deliver fresh & filtered water on demand.

A 8 litre storage tank is provided as standard that is generally suitable for a family of 4 and will fit under most sinks.

Our installation team is highly qualified and have several years of experience carrying out installations to the highest standards possible.


Upgrade to a Stylish Tri-Flow Tap

Filtered water is dispensed from a separate chrome plated tap which comes as a standard with Ecosoft 6 Stage RO System. This tap is generally installed to one side of your existing mixer tap.

For homeowners looking to add a style statement, Ecosoft 6 Stage RO system can be paired with a tri-flow taps. These tri-flow taps are stylish addition to any kitchen delivering mains cold, hot, and filtered water from a single tap without the need to drill additional holes on the kitchen sink.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate8L/hr (190 L/day)
Operating pressure for filter without pump3-6 bar
Operating pressure for filter with pump2-4 bar
Volume of Storage Tank12L (8L usable)
Unit Dimensions420 x 410 x 150 mm (H x W x D)
Product CodeMO650MECOSTD

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