Qettle Original


Introducing the Qettle Original, the 4-in-1 boiling water tap designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience with unmatched convenience. This tap won’t just look beautiful in your kitchen with its elegant design and discreetly positioned features but it will quite literally change the way you use the heart of the home.

Qettle Original tap offers hot, cold, filtered boiling, and filtered water all in one sleek design, streamlining your daily cooking and cleaning tasks.

Ditch the kettle and experience the joy of instant boiling water (up to 100°C). Whether you’re craving a steaming cup of tea or coffee, whipping up pasta, or blanching vegetable, the Qettle Original has you covered. Plus, the integrated filtration system ensures clean, delicious drinking water is always readily available.


2 Year Warranty


British Design


100°C Boiling Water

Free Installation

Key Features


Instant, 100°C Boiling Water

Enjoy true boiling water experience straight from your kitchen  tap.


Refreshing Drinking Water

Freshly filtered, contaminant free water for all the family to enjoy.

Safe & Simple

Easy to use yet safe with our two-stage safety plus a cool-touch spout.


What's In The Box


Q08 Filter Cartridge

The Q08 is the water conditioning cartridge for use with Qettle boiling water taps. It has been specially formulated from superior quality, extruded carbon block and is extremely effective at removing chlorine, chemicals and sediment from your Qettle’s flow of filtered drinking water. The Q08 also works hard to prevent limescale from adhering to the heating element inside your Qettle’s boiler tank.

qettle-water-filter-housing-assembly_550 png

Water Filter System

Housing for the filter cartridge which connects the mains water, the boiler tank and the tap.
qettle-4-litre-replacement-boiler_550 png

Boiler Tank

Select from 2, 4 or 7 litre boiler tanks for 4, 8 or 14 cups of boiling water in one go.
qettle spare parts png

Plumbing & Fixtures

All of the fitting components and parts needed for a standard tap system fitting. Does not contain a pressure reducing valve.

Technical Specifications


A.     Height

352 mm

B.     Base to Spout   

227 mm

C.     Spout Width

212 mm

D.     Spout Width + Water Throw

286 mm

E.      Handle Width

165 mm

F.      Extended Handle from Tap Centre

105 mm

G.     Base Width

55.5 mm

H.     Hole Diameter

35 mm



2 Litre

4 Litre

7 Litre

A.     Height

270 mm

370 mm

370 mm

B.     Height Clearance            

370 mm

470 mm

470 mm

C.     Width

175 mm

185 mm

235 mm

D.     Depth

225 mm

240 mm

300 mm


4 cups

8 cups

14 cups


A.     Height

90 mm

B.     Screw Width     

36 mm

C.     Depth

110 mm

D.     Height

344 mm

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