Water Softners

Installing a water softener system will solve any water hardness problems in your home, which in turn will protect your plumbing and appliances from expensive and unnecessary repairs and damage.

Commonly referred to as lime, water hardness affects thousands of homes and businesses across Ireland. It is caused by calcium particles being picked up as the water travels through rocks. Lime sticks to appliances and pipes creating a hard white or brownish scale, reducing its lifespan and in extreme cases, causing pipes to leak, skin irritation, and a scum to appear on your tea/coffee.

An ion exchange hard water softener usually solves the problem. The size will depend on water hardness and water usage.

Soft water has lots of benefits:

Skin, hair & clothes are softer and cleaner

Cleaning products and detergent usage is reduced (by up to 55%)

Tea, coffee and other beverages tastes better

Appliances last longer and work more efficiently

Pipes and hot systems remain scale free reducing heating and maintenance costs

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